Say YES to ‘Serene Holidays’ with 1:1 Coaching and Group Support.

Join me for a December full of ease and joy.

Approach the Holiday Season feeling:

  • Centered and grounded

  • Organized (without the overwhelm)

  • Able to fully GIVE and to fully RECEIVE

  • Content with what is (whatever that is for you right now)

The holidays are a stressful time of year for anyone, and for those of us trying to stay sober it can sometimes seem impossible without the right mindset or preparation. So I put together a month long program that will support you in feeling SERENE and AWESOME throughout December and into the New Year.

Here’s how it works:

Over the course of the month, we’ll dive into four topics that will keep you feeling energized and empowered about your choice to go alcohol free: 1.) socializing sans alcohol (while still having fun), 2.) carving out time for yourself during one of the most hectic times of the year, 3.) planning for self-sabotage before it hits, and 4.) accessing your bigger YES. All of the action will take place online in a secret Facebook group, and supplemented with two 1:1 flash coaching sessions (over the phone).

Program runs December 1st - January 1st