Hi, I’m Marisa.


My journey into health and wellness began…

in 2012 when I purchased a groupon to the most extreme version of yoga I could find- Bikram Yoga (disclaimer: I would no longer describe this as extreme). In what was at the time true Marisa fashion, I let the groupon expire before using it. A few months later, however, I found myself sweating out a particularly vile hangover at the studio.  Over the next several years, I cycled in and out of the yoga studio, often taking several steps forward and several steps back on my path to wellness, experimenting with different diet health fads (ask me about my first home-made smoothie, otherwise known as the splinter smoothie) all the while continuing to drink heavily in the name of “balance.”


It wasn’t until the fall of 2016 that I found a health trend that worked for me: cutting out alcohol.  I realized drinking (and all things related i.e. hangovers, increased anxiety, decreased energy) were holding me back from doing big things with my life.  I never hit a “rock bottom” with my drinking which I believe is why it took years to pinpoint alcohol as the culprit. When I removed the booze, doors opened up to a world of unimagined possibility. My life came into full bloom.

Once I fully committed to a path of self-exploration and self-betterment, there was no turning back.  I became engrossed in the process of self-inquiry and challenged myself at every turn. I discovered a way to be grateful for life’s challenges and learn from them rather than allowing them to stop me dead in my tracks.  I’ve become a coach because I wish to help women and men of all backgrounds uncover their truest self- the one hiding under the sheath of addiction, compulsion, or societal expectation. I will help you unearth your true calling and live to your maximum human potential.